Rollaway Beds

Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds are generally known as beds with wheels for flexibility of moving the bed around a room or home.  The bed has a frame that folds up and wheels that allow you to roll the bed (that’s where the name comes from).

These beds are ideal when unexpected guest turn up as you can simply roll out this bed.  The strong metal spring base provides maximum support while the 4.5 thick mattresses offers total comfort.  The metal frame folds up and snaps shut with a plastic closure for easy storage.  The wheels are very durable.

This bed does not necessarily have to be placed in a guest room but can be placed in any room with sufficient space where guests can sleep.  All you have to do is roll them out and fold the bed back up when the guests leave and place back in the storage area for future use.

The rollaway bed has many advantages making them well suited for a variety of reasons.  One of the main advantages is being able to fold this bed, roll away and store away freeing up space when not in use.  This bed is probably the best piece of furniture for a student living in a student dorm or university campus accommodation.  The limited size of dorms and student apartments make it difficult to move around freely without feeling squeezed.  Having a rollaway bed will allow students to fold up the bed and roll it away creating more space for movement, homework etc in the day and simply unfold the bed at night for sleeping.

If you like travelling in a trailer rollaway beds are again ideal as they fit well within the limited space of the trailer.  However make sure you have suitable fasteners when driving to avoid the bed moving back and fourth causing damage.

Rollaway beds are available in different sizes such as single, double and even king so you can be sure to pick the perfect size that suits you, your home and home storage space.  For maximum comfort it is advised that you buy a high quality mattress for extra comfort, support and durability.