Hideaway Beds

Hideaway Beds

Hideaway beds have many names and often referred to as space saving beds, wall beds and furniture hideaway beds.

Whatever you decide to call these beds, you can be assured that these wooden beds create beauty, comfort, and style to modern living.  Modern homes are often known for having smaller rooms especially in central areas within cities where people choose to live and work within close distance.  This can be a space issue especially for people living in one bedroom apartments or shared studio/loft apartments.  Hideaway beds are perfect for small spaced rooms and offer comfort and elegance for your way of life.

Wall beds are seen worldwide as they are well known for being a space saving piece of furniture for small rooms and apartments.  These beds occupy very little space when folded up providing you a slim and cost effective bed.  The wall bed allows you to create space when not in use enabling you the opportunity to use the space for entertaining guests, create a family room, study area.  Most wall beds can be purchased with cabinets and units allowing you to decorate and have matching units for a complete look.

Hideaway beds are generally the same size as conventional beds therefore you will not experience any discomfort.  In fact sleeping on a hideaway bed can be an exciting experience especially for guests who sleep on the bed every now and then.  These beds come with very high quality mattresses providing total comfort for a good nights sleep.  The hideaway bed cabinetry ranges tend to be most popular as they are well presented with carved panels and brass/chrome accessories.  The bed hides away within seconds of putting it back to place and smart and easy to assemble.

Sofa beds and rollaway beds can often be springy and creak when making movement.  Hideaway beds do not have this problem as they are solid and comfortable.  Hideaway beds are very practical allowing you to display framed pictures or mirrors and folds up even when the bed is fully made with blankets and pillows. 

Hideaway beds have a tow point stay safe lock mechanism and a calibrated lift system that will not need adjusting.  The hideaway bed mechanism is intended for everyday use and will not split or break.  No floor fixtures come with the bed as this no floor fixtures are required.  The locking mechanism is secure and reliable and will prevent the bed from falling.  The bed locks inside the unit/cabinet when not in use.