Foam Fold Up Bed

Before the invention of memory foam – most fold up beds were made from foam or springs based frame.

Traditional foam is not the best choice for a bed which is going to be used continually – as it offers no real support. The same can be said for the sprung fold up beds – as the way the frame is designed to allow the bed to fold – it is possible to feel the frame through the thin mattresses on the sprung fold up beds.

With the invention of memory foam – the possibilities for foam fold up beds have changed. It is now possible to buy a fold up bed that can be used every night for sleeping – and will not result in aches and pains in the morning.

Depending on how the bed folds – the mattress will either be segmented to allow the bed to fold into a sofa, or if the bed simply folds up the mattress may be a single foam block – like a traditional mattress.