Blow Up Beds

Blow up beds are available in a range of styles – from the inexpensive inflatable beds that you may have used on a camping trip – to the more luxurious beds that blow up to a full size, full height double bed – with a comfortable smooth finish.

Let’s have a look at the styles of blow up beds…

Inflatable mattress – Mostly used when camping, or when guests stay over – this is the cheapest type of blow up bed. They can be comfortable – certainly more comfy than sleeping on the sofa. They simply inflate with a foot pump, or if you’re up for it.. Blowing into the valve. The main problem with these mattresses is that they are made from shiny plastic – so you will often find yourself sliding off it during the night. Another problem is that they are low to the ground, so it may feel a little strange to some people.

AeroBed – is a manufacture of airbeds that produce some really deluxe, comfortable guest beds. The greatest feature of these blow up beds – is that they inflate to the same height as a traditional bed. These comfortable inflatable beds have only one disadvantage – and that is they take up a lot of room – although the floor space is only the same as any double airbed. These beds inflate in seconds – and have a special inbuilt pump.